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New construction inspections can be so valuable! The hope is that everything will look great. The reality is that we usually find some issues that need to be taken care of. In this photo, it was a leaky toilet which leaked under the LVP flooring, and damaged the subfloor. This would have caused major mold growth if not detected. Often times builders are putting up multiple new homes, quickly, and using many different sub-contractors. So many things are happening in a short time, that it’s easy for mistakes to be made, and no one to notice.

Imagine closing on your brand new home, only to find out a week or two later that the trusses were incorrectly installed, or the plumber took a short cut while installing your toilet. That’s what the home inspection is for!

At Whitetail we provide very thorough inspections, with pictures and videos for you to bring back to your builder, in order to have things fixed correctly.

So still thinking about passing on that home inspection? Learn from our many clients who have been so relieved that they didn’t!

Call Matt today to schedule an inspection *before* you close on your new build!