When buying a new car, you always want to take it for a test drive, and take it to your mechanic to make sure that there are no major defects before buying. When purchasing a home, you are spending *much* more than that, and repairs can also be much more costly! It is never wise to skip the home inspection, because you just never know what you may end up finding once you move in! 👇Here are some common, yet costly issues Matt often uncovers:

🔸Foundation issues🔸A leaky roof🔸A furnace that’s about to give out🔸Old drafty windows🔸Leaky pipes that need replaced🔸Microbial growth in the attic, basement, or crawl space🔸High radon levels🔸 Electrical issues.

These repairs can cost thousands of dollars and take away from the value of your home. We provide buyers with a thorough report, detailing their home from top to bottom and pointing out any red flags. Call Matt today!